Vítkovické železniční opravny

Our employees are experts in their field. Years of experience in railway industry secure the highest quality of our services.

About us

Our company operates in the former machinery maintenance company VÍTKOVICKÁ DOPRAVA a.s..
The primary focus of our company is the realization of revision repairs of railway freight wagons. Besides general revision repairs, we also offer technical inspections, repairs of superstructures or repairs of individual parts or parts of ŽNV. We also have an underfloor lathe for the re-profiling of wheelsets not only for railways, but also for passenger cars or locomotives. The direction of our company is based on vision and strategy. At the beginning of our efforts is always predicting the needs of customers and understanding their wishes. Our company is based on the professional skills and competences of all employees, so we can focus on the high quality of our services.

Our certification

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

ISO 3824-2
EN 15085-2
ČD V95-5


Certificate ECM
Level 4
Rules 2004/49/ES


Certificate NDT
RAILWAY 2000287






Our services

  • Common repairs of rail freight wagons.
  • Technical inspections according to maintenance systems KVs5-B-2010 and SUNV.
  • Complete renovations and reconstructions of rail freight wagons.
  • Revison repairs according to direction KVs5-B-2010.
  • Reprofilations of wheel sets for wagons and locomotives without dismount of bogies.
  • Production and repairs of parts for rail freight wagons.