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Mobile workshop

Mobile Service is a dynamically developing segment of the repair industry, which responds to the increased demands for the removal of minor and major defects detected during the operation of railway transport.

Our company offers its customers four fully equipped crews based in Louny, Ostrava and Štúrovo. Thanks to this, we can cover the whole of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the adjacent countries.

We offer all services from inspections to the replacement of wheelsets.

Departure points

Registerred office and departure point Ostrava CZ
1. máje 3302/102a, Moravská Ostrava
703 00 Ostrava

Departure point Louny CZ
Říční 756
440 01 Louny

Place of departure Štúrovo-Nána SK
organizational unit
1.mája 1152
943 60 Nána

Departure point Terminál Mošnov CZ
Mošnov 410
742 51 Mošnov


Operation and maintenance work according to VSP/AVV/CUU/GCU:

  • Inspection of the wagon before/after lease
  • Preventive maintenance and revision
  • Brake test according to UIC 543-1
  • Replacement of wheelset

Operation and maintenance work according to VPI-EMG:

  • Inspection/extension of the revision period +3M
  • Brake test according to VPI 07
  • Inspection and measurement of the wheelset under the wagon
  • G1.0 – unusual repair in accordance with VPI 01
  • G2.0 – inspection of the freight railway wagons according to the holder´s instructions (ECM)
  • G3.0 – unusual mobile repair as needed
  • Other maintenance work, measurement and replacement or repairs of parts upon agreement

Operation and maintenance work according to KVs5-B-2010 instructions

  • Brake tests according to UIC 543-1 with HAKAN equipment
  • Usual repairs without suspension – Nb
  • Usual repairs with suspension – Nbo
  • Repairs of violent damage
  • Commissioned inspections – Ki
  • Unusual technical inspections – TI
  • Technical treatment of the wagon
  • Guarantee technical inspection – Gti

Repairs according to SUNV instructions

  • Brake tests according to UIC 543-1 with HAKAN equipment
  • Usual repairs
  • Repairing defects by replacing damaged parts

Othermaintenance work:

  • Replacement of wheelset
  • Conversion of the wagon to LL blocks
  • Preventive inspection of railway wagons
  • Diagnosis of wheelsets under the railway wagon
  • Repair of the pneumatic part of the brake
  • Repair of the mechanical part of the brake and replacement of brake components
  • Replacement of individual components of draw gear
  • Replacement of individual bogie components
  • Replacement of springs
  • Welding and straightening work according to agreement of the holder (ECM)
  • Inspection of the railway wagon before/lease and warranty inspections
  • Adjustment and repair of discharge valves, doors, sliding walls, sliding roofs, etc.
  • Replacement of the smaller parts of the railway wagon (handles, steps, grilles)
  • Repairs (corrections) of descriptions/paintings/pictograms
  • Organization of the transport of the railway wagons to be repaired