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The company Vítkovické železniční opravny, a.s. is certified according to the main repair regulations as VPI, SUNV, KVs5-B-2010, VSP (AVV, GCU).

Our employees are able to carry out all required types and ranges of periodic and non-periodic car repairs according to the relevant repairs.

We carry out the repairs within the scope of:

  • VPI: G4.0, G4.2, G4.8 and other regulations (+3M, G4.3…)
  • KVs5-B-2010: revision of periodical repairs, technical inspection, common repairs
  • SUNV: N8, N4, N2 and others
  • Wheelset: in conformity with VPI IS0, IL, IS1, IS2, 3L according to KVs5-B-2010 D0, D1, D2, D3, D4
  • VSP (AVV, GCU) – Annexes 9 and 10

Superstructures of freight railway vehicles

  • We carry out inspections, modernization or refurbishment of superstructures of various types of freight railway wagons.
  • Repairs of steel bodies of high-wall and hopper wagons by welding
  • Repairs of pneumatic or mechanical control of discharge valves
  • Repairs of wooden floors
  • Repairs of tank (cistern) wagons
  • Repairs of tank (cistern) wagons including tests (according to RID – LOADED and EMPTY)

Bottom of a railway wagon, draw gear and buffing gear

  • Inspection of the bottom of the railway wagon for cracks and deformations, inspection of deformation or repair of the front end, measurement of the frame
  • Measurement of the clearance on the slides, inspection of upper part of the pivot bearing, steps and handles, spark plates
  • Repair and replacement of parts of the frame of the rail car by welding
  • Screw coupling – measurement and replacement
  • Measurement, lubrication, replacement of all components for drawbars and buffing gear
  • Levelled track for measuring the height of buffers


  • Inspections of bogies D2, D3 according to VPI
  • Measurement of the bogie frame slides, guard buckles, wheelset clamps, manganese steel plates, bottom part of the pivot bearing
  • Modification of bogies according to the ECM requirements
  • Y25, 1XTa, 2XTa, 26-2.8, DB 931, multi-axle


  • Brake inspection according to VPI BR0, Br2, Br3 including compact brake units
  • Inspection and maintenance of the pneumatic brake parts, maintenance and adjustment of brake rigging and linkage
  • Inspection of brakes from DAKO, Knorr, Sab Wabco, Wabtec, Oerlikon, Charmilles, Westinghouse


  • Tread profile according to UIC ORE S1002
  • Wheelset inspection according to VPI IS0, IL, IS1, IS2, 3L
  • Wheelset inspection according to KVs5-B-2010 D0, D1, D2, D3, D4
  • Wheelset inspection – new built line
    • Initial visual inspection (check)
    • Disassembly of bearing housings
    • Blasting box
    • NDT (ultrasonic (UT), stationary magnet (MT), internal stress)
    • Wheelset reprofiling – RAFAMET wheelset diameter from 700 to 1300mm
    • Painting /drying box
    • Assembly of bearing housings (separate workstation for cleaning and inspection of bearings)

Concentrated repairs

  • Inspection / refurbishment of the DAKO brake parts
  • Inspection / refurbishment of the brake gear adjusters
  • Measuring /weighing the springs and leaf springs
  • Repair of the brake shut-off-valves
  • Inspection of the brake couplings

Blasting and painting

  • Newly built blasting box (box length 23,8 m) – according to the standard SA ČSN EN ISO 8501-1 we are able to maintain the surface cleanliness grades from Sa 1 up to Sa 3
  • Newly built painting and drying box (box length 25 m) – painting of components, frames of bogies, frames of wagons and superstructures, interior coating of the superstructure
  • Painting with water-based and solvent-based paint


  • Ultrasonic method (UT) – fatigue discontinuities in metal materials (wheelsets, rings, springs), measurement of sheet thickness for corrosion loss of material
    • Thickness gauge TT100, defectoscope Olympus EPOCH 650, SITESCAN D50
  • Fluorescence powder magnetic method (MT) – detection of surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials (axles, hooks, buffers, pivot bearings, welds on bogies)
    • Manual (handheld) electromagnet REM230, source of magnetic current Magman R4000A, UV Lamp MR974AN
  • Penetrant test (PT) – detection on non-magnetic types of surfaces
  • Visual test (VT) – detection of the surface discontinuities
  • Internal stress – Fraunhofer UER3

Technological equipment of the repair shop:

  • Tenzona balance – weighing the weight of the vehicle, static determination of axle loads
  • NOPO handling/transport system – load capacity of 35t and length 23m
  • Mobile-stand mounted jacks 10 x 4 sets
  • Bridge cranes – 3x
  • INDUCTLINE – equipment for inspection of spring and leaf springs with digital output
  • RMT –induction heating of bearing rings
  • HAKAN 3 – brake test – 5x
  • Rafamet UBC 150N – lathe for wheelset