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Approximately 165 employees work at the Vítkovické železniční opravny, a.s. We make sure that we have loyal, motivated, qualified and satisfied employees who are loyal, motivated, qualified and satisfied employees who are our core value. At the same time, we expect our employees to be professionals in their field, striving to continuously improve their competencies and processes in the company at all levels.

Employee benefits

We reward the employee’s work performance not only with wages, but also with a whole range of above-standard benefits. It is important to us that our employees are fairly remunerated and feel good and satisfied at work. Only then will they deliver the reliable and professional performance we expect of them. That is why we are trying to offer interesting benefits beyond the scope of wages and we are continuously expanding this offer.

Meal voucher

in the value of
150 CZK /day


5 weeks of vacation

37,5 hours

Length of working week


Discounted telephone program


Contribution after 3 years from the start


Enhancement of qualification in the form of professional courses


Holding Benefits

Discount on Kaumy, Beohemija, Kávoviny

Fuel Card

Discount on refueling with SHELL card

Our vision and mission

We are a company focused on providing maintenance services to operators of freight rail transport. The primary focus of our company is the implementation of overhaul repairs of railway freight wagons. We offer a full range of services, from general overhaul repairs, revision inspections, technical inspections, repairs of superstructures or repairs of individual parts or parts of railway freight wagons, to in-service service through mobile workshop services. Due to the nature of the focus, the services provided by us have a significant proportion of skilled manual work, which creates the added value of our services. That is why we ensure that our employees are familiar with the regulations according to which repairs are carried out and constantly maintain and improve the knowledge and experience gained. A loyal, knowledgeable and satisfied employee – that is our common goal. Such an employee is qualified to meet all the wishes and demands of our customers.

Job vacancies

We are currently recruiting for these jobs. If you are interested in any of the offers, do not hesitate to send us your contact details using the form below. Maybe we are looking for just you – a new employee who knows how to listen to others, likes to learn new things and enrich us with new knowledge and experience from other fields.

Locksmith of the rolling stock

Job description

  • Maintenance and repair of tank railcars, assembly, disassembly of parts, assembly, disassembly of parts,
  • Repair, resealing and testing of fittings/valves of tank railcars, pressure relief valves, dampers,
  • Experience with pressure tests of tank railcars, or with their preparation
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Other vacant positions

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